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About Lionel Arnold
(Lionel (Chuck) Arnold has written a book that has been published. His pen name is L. Charles Arnold, Jr. He is a 1977 Graduate of Asbury Univesity in Bible and a 1983 Graduate of Eastern Illinois Univesity in Mathematics Education.)  

Lionel (Chuck) Arnold is an author and lives in Columbia, SC. Since finishing the draft version 2012, the has been published by the former CrossBooks Publishing and is now being published by Westbow Press. The book is Christian apologetics using logic, mathematics and biblical exegesis. The title is "God of the Universe". This book is currently available for purchase through Amazon.com and will be re-released in late 2015.

In addition to the above information, Lionel is a 27 year state employee who taught math for over 3 years and has worked in environmental regulation involving data analysis for both chemical and radiological contamination for over 24 years.
Committed to glorifying God in all things.