God and Mathematics

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The German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, in 1882, made the proclamation that "God is Dead!" and then proceeded with the Hindu/Buddhist concept of reincarnation. A church pastor that I know in a sermon given in 2002 stated "If God is dead, then man is god." This sermon proceeded to refute  Nietzsche's philosophy. While contemplating this philosophy and the pastor's sermon I came up with a logical extension of Nietzsche's philosophy. Now if God is indeed dead , and man is god, then man is dead. If man is dead, then how is it that we exist? We obviously exist, but we exist for ourselves! We are spiritually dead in our sins. If we are dead in our sins, our hope is in ourselves. We constantly fail others and ourselves because we are incapable of satisfying our much needed hope. If God is dead, then when we die, we will cease to exist according to certain philosophies. 

Where is our hope?